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Transform Your Wire Shelving with 220lbs Shelving Casters 5″ (28-151S)

Upgrade your wire shelving with the 220lbs Shelving Caster 5″ (28-151S) for easy mobility and secure positioning. These heavy-duty casters are designed to transform how you use and organize your wire shelving units.

Each caster boasts a substantial 220 lbs load capacity, making them perfect for heavily-loaded shelves. The built-in locking wheels provide effortless movement when needed and secure stability when you need the shelving to stay put. Grease-resistant construction ensures longevity in demanding environments like kitchens or workshops.

Key benefits of 220lbs Shelving Casters 5″ (28-151S):

  • Heavy-duty: Handles hefty loads for added versatility
  • Enhanced Mobility: Locking wheels for smooth movement and stable placement
  • Grease-resistant: Maintains performance in kitchens and other demanding settings
  • Height Increase: Adds 6″ to your shelves for better accessibility or clearance

Optimize your wire shelving setup with 220lbs Shelving Casters 5″ (28-151S). Experience increased flexibility and convenience in your space.

Give your shelving a swift makeover with the 220lbs Shelving Casters 5″ (28-151S)! First off, picture your storage units effortlessly pirouetting around your space, bringing both style and practicality. Furthermore, with a robust 220 lbs capacity, these wheels are ready for anything you stack on them. Additionally, their swivel design and locking brakes mean you get smooth sailing and a firm anchor when you need it. So, why keep your shelving stuck in the past? Elevate your organization game and let the 28-151S casters roll you into a new era of efficiency!

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