Eight Thirty Common


Eight Thirty Common, a popular Meridian restaurant, faced a unique challenge: removing a massive 4,200-pound pizza oven from a space with limited exit points and delicate flooring. BSR, specializing in complex equipment removal for restaurants, stepped in with a customized extraction plan. The result was successful removal and the restaurant even found a buyer for the used equipment.

Problem: Complex Equipment Removal for Restaurants

Restaurants frequently need to upgrade or replace their kitchen equipment. However, removing oversized or outdated appliances can present significant logistical challenges. Eight Thirty Common discovered this firsthand with their 4,200-pound pizza oven. That’s where BSR Design and Supply offers innovative solutions for complex equipment removal in the restaurant industry.

The Challenge of Complex Equipment Removal in Restaurants

  • Limited exit points: The oven’s size and the building layout made extraction difficult.
  • Weight restrictions: The original flooring couldn’t support the oven’s weight during the removal process.
  • Equipment resale: The client wanted assistance finding a buyer for the oven.

The Solution

BSR’s team developed a custom equipment removal plan. This involved:

  • Ingenious rigging: Using a combination of lifts, pallet jacks, and a temporary platform to safely maneuver the oven without damaging the floor.
  • Adaptability: Overcoming unforeseen challenges with on-the-spot adjustments to the extraction equipment.
  • Value-added service: Assisting the client in reselling the oven, maximizing their return on investment.

The Results

  • Successful oven removal: BSR’s expertise ensured the project was completed with no damage to the restaurant.
  • Minimized disruption: The restaurant experienced minimal downtime during the process.
  • Client satisfaction: Eight Thirty Common was relieved of their logistical challenges related to complex equipment removal for restaurants and found a buyer for their used equipment.

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re upgrading equipment or facing complex logistical issues, BSR has the experience and resourcefulness to deliver innovative solutions for restaurants. We specialize in commercial kitchen equipment extraction and can help you navigate these challenges with ease.

Let BSR handle your restaurant’s complex equipment removal challenges, big or small. Contact us today for a consultation.