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Local Financing

This unique program is a story about local investors finding solutions to provide funding for local businesses. Over 15 years of keeping investment funds local, CCF Leasing has led the industry in simple financing that provides flexibility and quick approvals with honest people. Local to Idaho, we only service those that are in our area. Please call us at 1-800-368-3181 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Local Reputation

Our reputation precedes us. We have financed numerous foodservice institutions throughout southern Idaho. From large multi-store franchises to single-store one owner restaurants. With almost 100% approval after submission, there is nothing easier than getting funding from CCF. We go out of our way to find unique scenarios that the investors will approve mainly by utilizing other means of collateral. We have proven the capacity to get approvals even through low credit and new startups. Give us a call!


Here are some highlights of our Local program:

Our financing includes the following:

Lease-to-Own with $1.00 buyout

No prepayment penalty

Automatic monthly payments that will be withdrawn from your designated checking account on the 10th of each month.

For Financing:

Slide to Adjust Amount:

12 Months
Initial Payment - 1 payment + Doc/Filing Fee
24 Months
Initial Payment - 2 payments + Doc/Filing Fee
36 Months
Initial Payment - 2 payments + Doc/Filing Fee
48 Months
Initial Payment - 2 payments + Doc/Filing Fee
60 Months
Initial Payment - 2 payments + Doc/Filing Fee
OAC, Filing Fee is for Idaho


Truly No Penalities

Give us a moment to define what “No Prepayment Penalty” means to us. It simply means, you prepay, you save interest. Countless operators have utilized this unique feature and have successfully saved! There are no gimmicks or small print to run over on your way out! Typically banks really want you to keep making all the payments but our local investors are rooting you on as the rest of BSR supports you.

Real Honesty

What if something happens to my business? What if I have to close the doors? What’s my risk? Honesty always brings blessings. Let’s say something drastically happens to your business after you finance some equipment. Give us a call right away. If you let it slide and do not contact us, it makes it harder for everyone involved (you, the landlord and us). Possession of the equipment is key. We will work hard for you if the equipment is returned to us and we will do our best to get the remaining balance. If we are shy of the remaining balance, we will ask you to cover the remaining principal balance. If we are able to get more than the remaining balance, the excess will be returned to you.