I have worked with BS&R on opening a number of restaurants here in the Magic Valley, Tim and his crew have been a huge asset for us every step of the way, from kitchen design to the last minute items. I have sat down with Tim and designed two brand new kitchens both work well for us great work flow. Then there are those moments when your slammed and cant leave the store and who is there to get you every little thing you need BS&R. Need squirt bottles on the fly no problem need more ladles, whatever I have needed BS&R has been there for us.

Shane Cook
Koto Brewing & Twin Falls Sandwich Company

Our architectural firm has worked with BSR on several projects during our 43 years. Recently, I have been personally producing a small Senior Center project working with Tim Carroll. I have found Tim to be a very knowledgeable, helpful, and conscious of the small budget. Amazingly, Tim produced a concept Equipment Plan within 2 days prior to his departure on a long vacation. And as we are buttoning up the project for bidding, Tim is continuing to support me very nicely. He always responses timely to my questions. I would rate Tim as one of my favorite three consultants I have ever worked with.

Paul Jensen , AIA, NCARB
JHS Architects, P.A.

My relation with BS&R started with my dad which not only purchased from Larry but we did all his electrical work when we had Pool electric starting when he started the company . now I am the second generation that has been dealing with our company . I also have done work and purchased from your company for the 30 pulses years working for cactus petes and now 4 years with the Barton’s . Your team as well as your self (Tim Carroll) has always delt with my needs with professionalism and you especially have helped me even when you were at home sick . As you can see I have been involved with your company for many years and will continue to do so.

Marty Pool
Bartons Club 93

The BSR team quickly jumps into all of our projects with both feet to understand and address the design challenges and client program. They are knowledgeable experts that match the best equipment and layout to meet any client’s budget and needs. They have been invaluable in getting us the feedback and information needed to coordinate drawings and communicate information to the General Contractors and installers / subcontractors

Brenda Moczybgemba, Architect
Michael Doty Associates, Architects PC

There has to be a first time for an architecture firm to design a commercial kitchen and I am glad David Meeks at BSR did that job form my client and me. Not only did he quickly and calmly make changes, there was great follow through with making sure the equipment was suitable for my client’s needs and budget.

Robyn Salathe, Architect
Architecture Studio

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