The Kneadery

Located in Ketchum, Idaho, The Kneadery is home to one of the best breakfast and lunch restaurants in Idaho. But its layout and design had one extremely specific problem to overcome…

The kitchen was unbearably hot and The Kneadery didn’t have enough cooking space to keep up with demand.

In a normal restaurant space, they could have simply installed a longer or wider hood. But there was not enough space so they were stuck with the same hood size going forward.

However, we were able to solve their heating problem with a newly designed hood with Templar’s air. This brought the temperature of the kitchen down from 105 degrees in summer to 75 degrees after meeting with Captive Aire engineers and our skilled hood installers.

Additionally, we found them an Accutemp steam griddle that could keep up with the ever-increasing sales volumes they were experiencing.

In the end, The Kneadery walked away thrilled from their experience with the BSR team members.

Make sure to give The Kneadery a try if you live in Ketchum, or if you ever find yourself in that part of Idaho. You will love it.

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