Faucet Valve & Handle Repair Kit; cold side


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Is a leaky or malfunctioning cold water faucet ruining your day? Get your water flowing smoothly again with the 21-308L Cold Water Faucet Repair Kit. This comprehensive kit eliminates the hassle of sourcing individual parts and streamlines your repair process.

  • Complete solution: This kit covers all your bases with a cold stem assembly, a low-lead ceramic cartridge, and internal check valves for clean water flow.
  • Long-lasting performance: The ceramic disc cartridge ensures years of reliable operation and precise water control for your convenience.
  • Safety focus: The low-lead design prioritizes your health and adheres to strict safety standards for your peace of mind.
  • User-friendly installation: The 21-308L is designed for compatibility with most faucet brands, making this a stress-free DIY project, regardless of your experience level.

Say goodbye to costly plumber visits! Tackle your faucet repair with confidence and save money with the 21-308L Cold Water Faucet Repair Kit. Your frustration-free water flow is just a few steps away.

Ready to turn your leaky saga into a smooth-flowing success story? With the 21-308L Cold Water Faucet Repair Kit, it’s “bye-bye, drip-drop drama and hello, hydration heaven!” No need for a plumber’s cape; this kit makes you the hero of your own faucet fable. Dive into the DIY waters and emerge victorious with your trusty 21-308L sidekick. Your faucet (and wallet) will throw you a parade!

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