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Maximize Your Wire Shelving Potential with 200lbs Shelving Casters 5″ (30-151S)

Introducing the ultimate solution for effortless wire shelving mobility – the 200lbs Shelving Caster 5″ (30-151S). These heavy-duty casters are designed to transform your shelving setup, making it easy to rearrange and optimize your space.

Built to last, each caster boasts an impressive 200lbs load capacity, ensuring they can handle even your heaviest loads. The swivel design with brakes offers both smooth movement and stability when needed. Installation is effortless thanks to their universal fit for standard 1-inch diameter wire shelving posts.

Upgrade your workspace efficiency with the 200lbs Shelving Casters 5″ (30-151S). Experience these benefits:

  • Heavy-duty: Confidently move loaded shelves
  • Versatile: Perfect for homes, kitchens, warehouses, and more
  • Smooth Movement: Swivel design for easy maneuvering
  • Secure: Brakes ensure stability when needed
  • Easy Installation: Universal fit for standard wire shelving

Transform your wire shelving into a mobile storage solution. Order your 200lbs Shelving Casters 5″ (30-151S) today!

Roll out the red carpet for your shelves with the 200lbs Shelving Casters 5″ (30-151S)! Picture this: your wire shelving units gliding around like graceful ballerinas, no strain, no pain, just smooth sailing from one spot to another. Moreover, with a whopping 200lbs capacity per caster, these little wheels are like the strongmen of the shelving world, ready to bear the brunt of your heaviest burdens.

Additionally, the swivel design, complete with brakes, ensures that your shelves move where you want, when you want, and stay put with just a click. Furthermore, universal fit? Yes, please! These casters play nice with standard 1-inch posts, making installation a walk in the park.

So, why keep your shelves stuck in one place when they could be living their best mobile life? Upgrade to the 30-151S and watch your workspace transform!

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