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Upgrade Your Work Table with Economy Casters 1 5/8″ (30-129S)

Looking for an affordable way to add mobility to your worktable? The Economy Caster 1 5/8″ (30-129S) offers a practical and budget-friendly solution. These casters are designed to deliver reliable performance without breaking the bank.

Enjoy smooth maneuvering with the swivel design, while two locking brakes ensure stability when needed. Each caster boasts a 200 lbs load capacity, making them suitable for most standard work tables and other equipment.

Choose the Economy Caster 1 5/8″ (30-129S) for:

  • Affordability: Get essential mobility without overspending
  • Functionality: Swivel action and brakes for both movement and stability
  • Easy Installation: Fits standard worktables
  • Durability: Built to handle regular use in home and work settings

Optimize your work area without a major investment. Order your Economy Casters 1 5/8″ (30-129S) today!

Wheel your way to a workspace wonder with the Economy Casters 1 5/8″ (30-129S)! Imagine transforming your worktable into a mobile marvel, zipping around with ease. Plus, with a sturdy 200 lbs capacity, these casters can carry the load, no sweat. Furthermore, the swivel design with locking brakes means you glide when you want and stay put when you need. So, why let your worktable gather dust in a corner? Give it the gift of mobility and watch your workspace efficiency soar!

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