Ice Bin 22″ 383 lb storage capacity Manitowoc

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Model #: D420
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Manitowoc 22″ Ice Bin: Your Smart Ice Storage Solution

Need big ice storage in a small space? The Manitowoc 22″ Ice Bin has your back! This workhorse pairs perfectly with compact Manitowoc ice makers, maximizing your ice output without taking over the kitchen.

Key Benefits

  • Huge Capacity, Tiny Footprint: Holds a massive 383 lbs of ice, keeping you ready for the rush.
  • Simple and Sanitary: The stay-open door and internal scoop holder make grabbing ice quick and hygienic.
  • Built Tough: DuraTech stainless steel resists corrosion and looks sleek for years to come.
  • Level Up, Even on Uneven Floors: Adjustable legs ensure stability.
  • Perfect for: Busy bars, cafes, smaller restaurants, and catering setups.

More Reasons to Love It

  • Keeps Things Clean: The internal scoop design limits contamination risks.
  • Staff Will Thank You: Ergonomic design makes scooping easy, keeping your workflow smooth.
  • Peace of Mind: Manitowoc is known for quality ice equipment.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22″ wide (check your ice maker compatibility)
  • Capacity: 383 lbs
  • Features: Stay-open door, internal scoop holder, adjustable legs, DuraTech finish

Think of the Manitowoc 22″ Ice Bin as your secret ice weapon. It stashes a massive 383 lbs of ice under your counter, ready for any drink rush. Bars and cafes love the hygienic design – the scoop stays put, and the door makes grabbing ice a breeze. Plus, adjustable legs keep things steady, even on uneven floors. If you’re ready to keep your drinks cold and your workflow smooth, add the Manitowoc Ice Bin to your arsenal!

Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 22 × 34 in


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