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Streamline Your Bar Service with Ice Bin Bottle Wells (C-21)

Maximize your bar’s efficiency and keep frequently used bottles within easy reach with Ice Bin Bottle Wells (C-21). These convenient inserts are designed to fit seamlessly into most standard ice bins.

Each Ice Bin Bottle Well insert accommodates up to three bottles, optimizing your workspace and reducing the need for frequent restocking. Built with durability in mind, these bottle wells are designed to withstand the demands of a busy bar environment.

The C-21 Bottle Wells for Ice Bins feature a compact design (up to 14-7/8″ front-to-back) ensuring compatibility with most ice bin liners. Their overall flange size of 16″ x 5-1/2″ makes them a versatile and easy-to-integrate bar storage solution.

Upgrade your bar setup with the Bottle Wells for Ice Bins (C-21). Eliminate unnecessary trips to the back cooler and keep your bartenders focused on creating the perfect drinks.

Elevate your bar game with Bottle Wells (C-21)! Firstly, think of these clever inserts as your bartending sidekicks. They tuck into your ice bin, keeping top-shelf choices right at your fingertips. Moreover, each well cradles up to three bottles, streamlining your service and minimizing restock trips.

Additionally, the C-21 Bottle Wells are tough enough to keep up with the busiest nights. Also, their compact design ensures they fit most ice bins, making integration a breeze. So, why juggle bottles when you can have them chilling in style? Upgrade to the C-21 and watch your bar service become the toast of the town!

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