Ice Maker & Water Dispenser Nugget Ice Manitowoc

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Manitowoc Water Nugget Ice Dispenser: The Ultimate Countertop Refreshment Station

Tired of hard, boring ice? The Manitowoc Water Nugget Ice Dispenser is here to change that! This compact machine is your key to perfectly soft, chewable nugget ice and ice-cold water on demand.

Why You’ll Love Nugget Ice:

  • Maximum Chill: Nugget ice has a huge surface area, chilling drinks fast without watering them down.
  • Chewable Fun: The soft texture is satisfying and perfect for people who love to crunch.
  • Drink Upgrade: Nugget ice makes everything tastier, from sodas to fancy smoothies.

The Manitowoc Difference:

  • Big Production, Small Footprint: Makes up to 315 lbs of nugget ice daily, fits neatly on your counter.
  • Touchless Dispensing: Sensor means hygienic use, perfect for busy settings.
  • Water, Too! Switch between ice, water, or both with the touch of a button.
  • Easy-Clean Design: DuraTech panel resists smudges and keeps your dispenser looking sleek.

Technical Specifications

  • Ice Production: Up to 315 lbs per day
  • Bin Capacity: 10 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16 ¼” (W) x 24″ (D) x 35″ (H)
  • Shipping: Common Carrier (see website for details)

Perfect for: Offices, breakrooms, hospitals, homes with serious ice lovers

Ditch the cube and embrace the nugget with the Manitowoc Water Nugget Ice Dispenser! It’s like turning your countertop into a tiny winter wonderland, where every drink gets the royal chill treatment. This compact powerhouse not only fits snugly into your space but also moonlights as a hydration station, dispensing both ice-cold water and soft, munchable nugget ice. Perfect for those who believe ice should be a snack, not a dental hazard. So, if your kitchen or office is ready to become the coolest spot around (literally), click ‘Add to Cart’ and let the nugget ice festivities begin!

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 17 × 24 in


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