Faucet Splash Mount 8″ O.C. w/14″ Spout

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Model #: 12-814L
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The Krowne 14-inch spout model 12-814L, a pinnacle of design and efficiency. Engineered for the demanding environments of culinary establishments, this wall-mounted faucet blends seamless utility with lasting durability.

Crafted with precision, the 14-inch splash-mounted swing spout offers unparalleled flexibility, making it perfect for a variety of tasks from filling pots to rinsing dishes. The spout’s considerable reach ensures easy access to all areas of the sink, enhancing workflow and reducing splash-back.

Key to its design are the color-coded handles, which provide intuitive temperature control for safety and ease of use. This feature is especially useful in fast-paced kitchen environments where quick adjustments to water flow and temperature are necessary.

Constructed with a nickel-chromium finish, the Krowne 12-814L is not only aesthetically pleasing but also resistant to wear and corrosion. This ensures that the faucet maintains its luster and functionality over time, even in the harshest of kitchen conditions.

In addition to its robust build, the faucet is designed with low lead compliance in mind, adhering to safety standards and ensuring clean, safe water for all kitchen tasks.


  • Type: Wall Mount Faucet
  • Dimensions: 12″ D x 18″ H x 2″ W
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs
  • Material: Nickel Chromium Finish
  • Features: Splash-mounted, swing style, color-coded handles
  • Compliance: Low lead

Choosing the Krowne 14-inch spout model 12-814L means investing in a tool that enhances kitchen efficiency, safety, and cleanliness. Its durable construction and thoughtful design make it a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen, promising reliability and ease of use for years to come.

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