Plate Casters ultra low profile 1″

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Model #: 28-109S
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Add Mobility with Minimal Height Increase: Ultra Low Profile Casters (28-109S)

Introducing the ultimate space-saving mobility solution – Ultra Low Profile Casters (28-109S). These casters are designed specifically for equipment where maximum clearance is crucial.

With only a 2″ height increase, these casters effortlessly transform static equipment into mobile setups. Each caster boasts an impressive 200 lbs load capacity, making them suitable for various items. Their plate design makes installation simple and secure.

Key benefits of Ultra Low Casters (28-109S):

  • Space-Saving: Minimal height addition maximizes clearance
  • Robust: Handles substantial weight for various applications
  • Smooth Movement: Provides maneuverability for your equipment
  • Easy Installation: Convenient plate design for secure fitting

Choose Ultra Low Casters (28-109S) when you prioritize minimal height increase while adding essential mobility!

Boost your equipment’s stealth mode with Ultra Low Profile Casters (28-109S)! First up, think of these tiny titans as your gear’s secret agents, sliding into tight spots with a mere 2″ height bump. Plus, with a solid 200 lbs backing each caster, they’re more than ready for heavy-duty action. Moreover, their sleek swivel design ensures your stuff glides in and out of action, no fuss, no muss. So, why stick to the high-rise when you can keep it low-key and efficient? Deploy the 28-109S casters and watch your workspace transform into a smooth, low-profile operation!

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Weight 8 lbs


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