Stem Caster 1 5/8″ Krowne

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Upgrade Your Equipment Mobility with Krowne Caster 1 5/8″ (28-125S)

Experience the durability and convenience of Krowne Caster 1 5/8″ (28-125S). These heavy-duty casters are designed to smoothly move your equipment while offering stability and longevity.

Each caster features a generous 220 lbs load capacity, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The swivel design with brakes provides both effortless maneuvering and secure locking when needed. Built with grease-resistant materials, they withstand demanding environments like kitchens or workshops.

Key benefits of Krowne Caster 1 5/8″ (28-125S):

  • Heavy-duty: Handles significant weight for reliable movement
  • Smooth and Secure: Swivel action and brakes for both maneuverability and stability
  • Grease-resistant: Maintains performance in demanding environments
  • Height Increase: Adds 4″ to equipment for better working positions or clearance
  • Krowne Quality: Trust in a reputable brand for lasting performance

Choose Krowne Caster 1 5/8″ (28-125S) for reliable equipment mobility that will enhance your workflow.

Give your bar a wheel deal with Krowne Caster 1 5/8″ (28-125S)! Imagine your equipment dancing around with grace, thanks to these swanky casters. Not only do they hold up a hefty 220 lbs, but they also swivel smoothly, bringing joy to every move. Plus, with brakes for those ‘stay-put’ moments and grease-resistant charm, they’re like the superheroes of the bar world. Ready to glide into efficiency? Let the 28-125S casters roll out the red carpet for your gear!

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