Stem Caster 1/2″ stem; low profile

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Upgrade Mobility with Space-Saving Low Profile Stem Casters (28-139S)

Looking to add mobility to equipment where clearance is limited? Low Profile Stem Casters (28-139S) are the perfect solution, offering robust functionality in a compact design.

These low profile casters feature a 200 lbs load capacity per caster, making them suitable for various items. Enjoy smooth maneuvering with the swivel design while the integrated brakes ensure stability when needed. Their threaded stem (1/2″-13 x 1″) provides easy and secure installation. Built with grease-resistant materials, they perform reliably in kitchens or workshop settings.

Key benefits of Low Profile Casters (28-139S):

  • Space-Saving: Adds mobility with minimal height increase (only 3″)
  • Sturdy: Handles a solid weight capacity
  • Controlled Movement: Swivel design and brakes
  • Grease-resistant: Maintains functionality in various settings
  • Easy Installation: Convenient threaded stem design

Choose Low Profile Casters (28-139S) when you need reliable mobility with minimal height clearance requirements.

Slide into efficiency with Low Profile Stem Casters (28-139S)! First off, imagine your equipment doing the limbo under tight spaces, thanks to these sleek casters. Moreover, they’re not just about the low profile; they pack a 200 lbs punch each, ready to support your hefty gear. Furthermore, their smooth swivel action paired with reliable brakes means you glide effortlessly and park securely. So, why keep your gear stationary when it could be rolling in style? Let the 28-139S casters make every inch of your space work harder and smarter for you!

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Weight 8 lbs


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