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Streamline Your Krowne Setup with the NPT Drain Valve (23-120)

Looking to upgrade the drainage of your Krowne sink or ice bin? The NPT Drain Valve (23-120) offers a reliable and easy-to-install solution. This drain is specifically designed for compatibility with a wide range of Krowne products.

Featuring 1″ NPT male threading, it seamlessly fits Krowne sinks with a 1-1/4″ opening and all Krowne ice bins without a cold plate. For older Krowne models (before 2016), a locknut and washer are included for a secure fit. The 23-155 overflow is the perfect complement to this drain valve.

Key benefits of the 1″ Drain Valve (23-120):

  • Wide Krowne Compatibility: Fits sinks (1-1/4″ opening) and ice bins without a cold plate
  • Durable Construction: Built for lasting performance
  • Easy Installation: Includes locknut and washer for various Krowne models
  • Complements 23-155 Overflow: Designed for use with the compatible overflow

Experience improved drainage and hassle-free installation with the NPT 1 ” Drain Valve (23-120).

Say goodbye to water woes and hello to streamlined bliss with the 1″ Drain Valve (23-120)! Imagine turning the tide on your Krowne setup, where draining becomes as smooth as a lazy river. Furthermore, with its 1″ NPT male threading, it’s like finding the perfect puzzle piece for your Krowne kingdom. Plus, the added bonus of a locknut and washer means you’re all set for a secure, leak-free future. So, why let your setup be a damper when it can be the drain dream team? Dive into efficiency with the 23-120 and let the good flows roll!

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