Pre-Rinse Assembly Wall Mount w/Add A Faucet 8″ O.C.

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Upgrade Your Kitchen’s Efficiency with the DX-109 Pre-Rinse Assembly Faucet

Elevate your kitchen’s functionality and workspace with the DX-109 Pre-Rinse Assembly Faucet. This innovative faucet boasts a wall-mounted design that maximizes counter space, ideal for busy kitchens.

The DX-109 features a powerful 1.15 GPM dual spray head, giving you the flexibility to choose between a wide knife spray for rinsing large areas or a focused cyclone spray for tackling stubborn grime. Built-in check valves prevent backflow and cross-contamination, ensuring hygiene.

For added convenience, the DX-109 incorporates a polished chrome add-on faucet with a 12″ swing spout, perfect for everyday kitchen tasks. The ultra-polished satin finish base offers a touch of elegance, complementing any kitchen style.

This pre-rinse assembly is not just about function; it’s about ease of use and safety. It’s low lead compliant, adheres to NSF and cCSAus standards, and is ADA-compliant for accessibility. Plus, it ships pre-assembled for a smooth installation process.

The DX-109 Pre-Rinse Assembly Faucet is a perfect solution for those seeking a powerful, space-saving, and user-friendly pre-rinse solution.

Spray away your kitchen woes and tap into efficiency with the DX-109 Pre-Rinse Assembly Faucet! It’s not just a faucet; it’s a countertop revolution, ready to send grime and inefficiency down the drain. With a spray that packs a punch and a swing spout that moves like it’s got dance moves, this faucet turns cleaning from a chore into a performance. Ready to give your kitchen the standing ovation it deserves? Let the DX-109 take the stage!

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