Pre-Rinse Spray Head

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Model #: 21-129L
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Introducing the Pre-rinse Water Saver Head 21-129L, a cornerstone in kitchen efficiency and sustainability. Crafted for the demanding environment of commercial kitchens, this pre-rinse spray head combines performance with water conservation.

Key Features:

  • Water Efficiency: Operating at 1.2 gallons per minute (GPM) with a 60 PSI pressure, this spray head ensures thorough cleaning while conserving water.
  • Compliance: Adheres to low lead standards, meeting California AB-1953 and Vermont S152 requirements. It also aligns with the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005), promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Interchangeability: Designed to fit all Krowne pre-rinse units and compatible with most brands, offering seamless integration into your existing setup.
  • Durability: With a temperature range of 40 to 180 degrees F, it’s built to withstand the rigors of commercial kitchen use.
  • Certifications: Proudly NSF certified, ensuring it meets strict public health standards for water safety and quality.

In today’s fast-paced culinary world, the Pre-rinse Water Saver Head 21-129L stands out as an essential tool for both operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. Embrace the change and make a positive impact on your water usage without compromising on performance.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Pre-rinse Water Saver Head 21-129L and enjoy the benefits of a well-designed, eco-friendly cleaning solution. Because in the end, saving water should never dampen your spirits, just like a well-timed “Why did the faucet go to school? To learn how to tap into knowledge!”

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