Refrigerated Sushi Case 47 1/4″ Turbo Air

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Enhance Your Sushi Presentation with the Turbo Air SAS-50L-N Refrigerated Sushi Case

Attract customers and keep your sushi fresh with the stylish and functional Turbo Air SAS-50L-N refrigerated sushi case. This 47-inch wide display case is ideal for showcasing your delicious sushi rolls and nigiri.

Here’s what makes the SAS-50L-N a perfect fit for your sushi bar:

  • Elegant Design: Straight front glass and a black exterior create a modern aesthetic that complements any décor.
  • Superior Preservation: Self-contained refrigeration maintains consistent temperatures between 35°F and 41°F, ideal for preserving the freshness and quality of your sushi.
  • Efficient Operation: Eco-friendly R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant keeps your operating costs low.
  • Flexible Storage: Three adjustable, heavy-duty polyethylene coated wire shelves provide ample space for various sushi presentations.
  • Easy Monitoring: A digital temperature display allows for precise temperature control and monitoring.
  • Convenient Access: Two tempered glass rear sliding doors with handles ensure easy access for restocking.

Invest in the Turbo Air SAS-50L-N refrigerated sushi case today and elevate your sushi presentation while keeping your creations perfectly fresh!

Ready to make your sushi display the talk of the town? Elevate your game with the Turbo Air SAS-50L-N Refrigerated Sushi Case! With its sleek design, precise temperature control, and spacious shelving, your sushi won’t just be fresh; it’ll be a showstopper. Don’t let your culinary creations hide in the back; bring them front and center where they belong. Make the move to freshness and flair—your sushi, and your customers, will thank you!

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Weight 165 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 48 × 15 in


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