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Add Mobility & Stability to Equipment with Stem Casters 1/2″ (28-141S)

Enhance your equipment’s functionality with Stem Casters 1/2″ (28-141S). These casters offer a reliable combination of flexibility and secure positioning, making them suitable for various applications.

Each Stem Caster 1/2″ features a substantial 220 lbs load capacity, ensuring they can handle moderate to heavy equipment. The swivel design with brakes allows for both effortless maneuvering and reliable locking when stability is needed. Their 1/2″-13 x 1″ threaded stem ensures straightforward and secure installation. Built with grease-resistant materials, they maintain performance in workshops, kitchens, and similar environments.

Key benefits of Stem Casters 1/2″ (28-141S):

  • Robust: Handles a generous weight capacity
  • Controlled Movement: Swivel action and brakes for both maneuverability and security
  • Grease-resistant: Maintains functionality in challenging environments
  • Height Increase: Adds 6″ to equipment
  • Easy Installation: Convenient threaded stem design

Choose Stem Casters 1/2″ (28-141S) for a reliable and adaptable mobility solution for your equipment.

Roll into efficiency with Stem Casters 1/2″ (28-141S)! First, envision your tables and machinery strutting around with newfound agility. Plus, with each caster bearing up to 220lbs, they’re like mini powerlifters for your gear. Furthermore, their swivel and brake combo means you glide with ease and park with precision. So, ready to boost your equipment’s mobility? Let the 28-141S casters elevate your workspace to new heights of convenience and functionality!

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