Triangle Plate Caster 5 3/8″

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Upgrade Your Blodgett Oven with Heavy-Duty Triangle Plate Casters (28-161S)

Enhance the mobility and functionality of your Blodgett convection oven with Triangle Plate Casters (28-161S). These casters are engineered for demanding commercial kitchens, offering strength, easy maneuvering, and lasting performance.

With a robust 500 lbs load capacity per caster, they effortlessly handle the weight of your oven. Swivel design with locks ensures smooth movement and secure positioning when needed. Grease-resistant construction makes them ideal for busy kitchen environments. Plus, they raise your oven height by 6″, simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

Key benefits of Plate Caster (28-161S):

  • Heavy-duty: Built to support substantial weight
  • Maneuverable & Stable: Swivel action and brakes for both flexibility and security
  • Grease-resistant: Maintains performance in kitchen settings
  • Height Increase: Makes cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Blodgett Compatibility: Seamlessly fits Blodgett convection ovens

Invest in some Plate Casters (28-161S) for a smart and durable upgrade to your Blodgett oven setup

Roll out the red carpet for your Blodgett oven with Heavy-Duty Triangle Plate Casters (28-161S)! First off, envision your oven gliding around with the grace of a ballroom dancer, no strain, just smooth moves. Furthermore, with a hefty 500 lbs capacity, these casters laugh in the face of heavy loads. Additionally, their swivel and lock features mean your oven moves when you want and stays put when you need. So, why let your oven be a kitchen island when it can be the life of the party? Let the 28-161S casters turn up the heat on mobility and convenience!

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