Transform Your Bar with Underbar Glass Rack Storage

Discover how our Underbar Glass Rack Storage Unit can revolutionize your bar operations. Specifically designed for under-bar integration, this unit brings efficiency and hygiene to the forefront.

Maximize Every Inch

Imagine optimizing your bar’s corner space like never before. Our unit comfortably houses up to three 20″ x 20″ glass racks, thereby accommodating a diverse range of glassware. Consequently, you make the most of a compact footprint without compromising on storage.

Effortless Cleaning, Exceptional Drying

Moreover, the unit features a drainboard equipped with both top and bottom drains alongside a removable insert. This ensures rapid drying and simplifies the cleaning process, which is especially crucial during those peak hours.

Prioritizing Hygiene

Furthermore, crafted from NSF-certified 18/300 stainless steel, the storage unit stands up against stains and bacteria. Thus, it maintains a sanitary environment for your glassware.

Stability Meets Flexibility

Additionally, the unit’s stainless steel legs, complemented by adjustable bullet feet, guarantee stability on any surface. The open base design not only facilitates easy access but also promotes airflow, aiding in quicker drying of glasses.

Ready to ditch the drying drama and embrace spotless glass glory? Tap ‘Add to Cart’ and let’s turn your bar into a glassware gala! No more playing hide and seek with clean glasses. 🥂 ‘Cause let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be the toast of the town with the shiniest glasses on the block? Click now and let the good vibes and clink-worthy moments roll!

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 21 in


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