Adjustable Plate Casters 3″

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Optimize Your Pitco Fryer Setup with Adjustable Plate Casters 3″ (28-117S)

Experience the flexibility of Adjustable Plate Casters 3″ (28-117S), designed to enhance your Pitco fryer functionality. These casters allow you to customize your fryer’s height, ensuring a comfortable and efficient working position.

Enjoy a generous 8.5″ to 10.5″ height adjustment range, catering to various user needs. Each caster boasts a 220 lbs load capacity, reliably supporting the weight of your fryer. Swivel design with brakes offers smooth maneuverability and secure positioning. Built with grease-resistant materials, they deliver lasting performance in busy kitchen environments.

Key benefits of Adjustable Plate Casters 3″ (28-117S):

  • Customizable: Adjust fryer height for improved ergonomics
  • Heavy-duty: Handles the weight of your Pitco fryer
  • Smooth and Secure: Swivel action and brakes for easy movement and stability
  • Grease-resistant: Maintains performance in kitchen settings
  • Pitco Compatibility: Designed specifically for Pitco fryers

Upgrade your Pitco fryer setup with Adjustable Plate Casters 3″ (28-117S) for enhanced user comfort and efficiency.

kitchen hustle with Adjustable Plate Casters 3″ (28-117S)! First off, imagine your Pitco fryer getting a lift, quite literally, making every fry-up session a breeze. Moreover, these casters aren’t just about the boost; with a 220 lbs load per wheel, they’re the Hercules of the kitchen. Furthermore, their swivel-and-lock mojo means you zip around effortlessly and park with precision. So, ready to give your fryer some wheels and make it the MVP of your kitchen lineup? Let the 28-117S casters crank up your culinary game!

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